What is commercial and residential real estate?

Commercial real estate is typically retail shops and offices while residential real estate generally refers to residential homes. The term “commercial real estate” is generally accepted these days as covering industrial as well as commercial real estate.

Some people talk in feet and square feet and others in meters and square meters and it's confusing. What does it all mean?

Despite the change over from imperial to metrics the old ways still persist as many people still cannot fully relate to metrics. The conversions are:

Length: 1 metre=39.3701 inches 1 metre=3.28084 feet

Area: 1 square metre=10.764 square feet 1 hectare=2.47105 acres

I’m an overseas investor who is not a resident of Australia. How much can I borrow from an Australian Bank?

All though you are not an Australian resident, Australian Banks will lend you 50% – 70% of the property value depending on your country. Please refer Overseas Investors section on our website.

Why should I have my commercial and residential property managed by an agent, surely anybody can collect the rent?

Collecting the rent is only part of the job. When you engage a specialist agent to mange your commercial and industrial property they do just that – they manage your property. Management means more than just collecting the rent. It involves:

Advising on acceptable lease structures so that your investment not only retains its value but also has growth built in wherever possible.

Negotiating lease terms with the tenant to obtain results that ensure that the value of your property is enhanced by the lease and not restricted or worse – devalued.

Dealing with your tenant in an expert, professional manner regarding queries and problems that inevitably arise from time to time with the property and/or tenancy – these negotiations should only be handled by professionals to achieve the best outcome.

Ensuring the property is maintained.

Advising the owners on rental and sale values and generally keeping them informed of market trends.

The future value of your property is dependent in no small way on the quality of it’s management – to take chances with a non specialist or to adopt a “do it yourself” approach is unwise and likely to result in rough running for your investment and lower returns.

I have questions that are not covered here, where do I go for help?

Contact a Member Agent in your State or e-mail us at info@dwellingsgroup.com.au