Coburg Collective

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Be a part of the collective. Stand alone, yet of its place. A series of apartments and townhouses as individual and iconic as its locale. Influenced by the industrial aesthetic of the suburb, the design offers a combination of raw tactility and highly curated elegance. Here, a vast range of amenity provides a wealth of spaces to relax in and simply enjoy. With the local streets lined with urban and natural delights, Coburg Collective offers a life of exquisite moments in one of Melbourne’s best-loved neighborhoods.

Spacious living rooms make the ideal place for relaxing after a long day or lounging with a book on a Saturday morning. Floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors allow light to spill deeply into the home and provide impressive views over the city. The living areas also connect with expansive balconies, perfect for margarita nights with friends or homemade brunch with the family.

  • Melbourne