The Queensbridge Building

88 Queens Bridge St, Southbank Contact for more details
Dwellings Property Group

Soon to break ground in Southbank, The Queensbridge Building is set to redefine tower living in Melbourne. Soaring 200 meters at the corner of corner of Queens Bridge and Hannah Street, the independent hotel and apartment development challenges conventions, bringing a unique personality and soul to the world of experience living.

Queensbridge represents a return to real living in Australia's residential tower market. From the outset, it was designed with classic Melbourne buildings in mind, the sort that prioritizes comfort, functionality and good-taste. Indeed, even in the sky, Queensbridge noticeably harks back to a nostalgic era of tower design. In lieu of ubiquitous glass- and - gloss facades, Queensbridge is cast in bronze and stone. The elegance and craftsmanship is a nod to Southbank's industrial history.

Creating atmosphere and community at street level, as well as in the sky, is a priority at Queensbridge. The neighborhood sits at a critical nexus that connects Southbank, the CBD, and South Melbourne; it is a gateway to the world-leading arts precinct and it offers unparalleled access to parks, recreation and entertainment.

  • 88 Queens Bridge St, Southbank