Property Management

Property Management

Property management is one of the most important elements ensuring your asset’s growth in the long term. We have our Property Management Arm named “Dwellings Estate Agents” to look into property management. Dwellings Estate Agents will ensure your investment property will be managed immediately after you purchase the property. We want to ensure there’s a seamless transition from purchasing your investment property to finding the best tenant for you.

We strive to provide you with the best of class service in the following areas:

      - Fully understand the market your property is in
      - Ensure the tenants meet your criteria and be of a high standard
      - Inspect the property on a regular basis, keeping on top of maintenance
      - Provide monthly statements with income and outgoings
      - Online portal access to keep track of your property

Consider all costs

There are a number of ongoing costs that need to be considered when purchasing an investment property. As a landlord you are responsible for the following payments including:

      - Advertising for tenants
      - Owners corporation/strata levy fees (if applicable)
      - Water rates
      - Council rates
      - Insurances Ex. Landlord, Building
      - Tax and accounting
      - Repairs and maintenance


Costs incurred by the owner of the property when there is were and tear of the property. Damages that are malicious and carried out by tenants is looked after by insurance or would be deducted by the tenant’s bond.


Landlord Insurance and building insurance where applicable is taken by the owner of the property for a small sum per annum. This is to ensure that the owner is covered from any damages done to the property in a rare occasion.

Choosing tenants

Strict Processes and procedures are followed to ensure that the right tenant is placed in the owner’s property. All background checks and ID checks are done prior to placing any tenant to a property.

Tax, payments and paperwork

Administration works, council payments, insurance payments, rates payments etc. is done by Dwellings Estate Agents to ensure a seamless and smooth process for the owner of the property. At the end of the month a rental statement is provided to the owner to show their incomes and expenses.

Our diversified services and dedicated team has much more to offer you and your investment property than just property management. If you are interested in purchasing additional investment properties, we will also assist by providing you with the right advice.